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The is a place where you will find high standards and superb customer service. We have many based Miami escorts as well as visiting Miami escorts listed on this page. You are able to see club members visiting dates below, also you can view dates in the member’s profile. Plus you can see current detailed information on every independent Miami escort such as: recent photos, rates, feedback (from VIP members), age, height, measurements and their hobbies. Please come and check rates per hour by pressing the "Rates" button. That menu also includes rates for multi-hour dates and couples rates, because our independent Miami escorts enjoys spending time with open-minded couples. You are able to read fantasy stories on some discussing boards, like TER, BigDoggie, Heaven or Hell if you want to get more info about our independent Miami escorts .



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You will receive only the 1st class services when booking appointments with our independent Miami escorts via call center.  We do research on our regular clients needs, because we want to provide the best service and a luxury time spending experience. We consider our VIP members as friends, but we treat them like our best friends by providing numbers of exclusive features. Also you can subscribe to our confidential mailing list of independent Miami escorts updates, so you will receive updates on our tours to Miami . After that, you will start receiveing regular immediately notifications about:
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Making an appointment with Miami Escorts

Before meeting with our independent Miami escorts we screen our every client. Our on-line appointment request form is highly secured; we use SSL protocol to encrypt all your private data. Do you want to know what SSL is? SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a personal data transmitting protocol created specially to encrypt data transmitted via internet. SSL uses two keys to encrypt private data: 1) Public key (known to everyone) 2) and secret key (known only to the recipient of the message). SSL protocol is used by web sites to safely obtain private user info, such as credit card numbers. After your data will be submitted via our highly secured online form, Highly-Secured Call Center will get back with the confirmation via phone or email (you can choose one or the other confirmation method).

Miami Escorts for VIP members

Remember that you will get more privileges if you become a VIP member. To become our VIP you have to book through us at least one time, and get a positive feedback from one of our club members, because we have to be 100% sure that you are trustworthy gentleman and deserve our VIP membership. And, of course, we reserve the right to limit, deny or even revoke use of any VIP membership at our sole discretion.

Join City Girls - club of independent Miami escorts is also looking for an independent Miami escorts to become our club members. If you are self sufficient lady and want to serve the Miami area you are welcome to join us. And don’t waste and take you chance, we are looking for not more than 10 independent escorts to be based in Miami . You also can apply to become our club member if you want to travel to other cities and having fun while making money.

Benefits for Miami escorts by being a club member of City Girls:

- Flexible schedule: club is not an agency and the only the club members are setting their working hours.
- Free marketing services: after becoming club members all Miami escorts will join global marketing system.
- High safety level: to provide high security all bookings are handled by high security off-shore call center.
- Trustworthy clients: Security is our priority and we screen all clients before club members meet them.
Join club and learn more about the club member benefits. But the most important thing about being club member is that YOU ARE your own BOSS. You don’t work for us – we work for you!