Oct 22
Raleigh escort Lexy fairly recently arrived to Raleigh. Submit your scheduled visit request to be her first visitor.
Oct 20
Raleigh independent companions Renee a short while ago arrived to Raleigh. Submit your meeting request to be her first visitor.
Oct 10
Raleigh escort Lexy will be more likely visiting Raleigh on Oct 22 - Oct 23 This journey is waiting for approval, before appointment can be scheduled. Come back for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.
Oct 10
Raleigh escort Lexy's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You may make a request for a visit now
Oct 10
Raleigh escort Tia fairly recently arrived to Raleigh. Submit your session request now to be able to get her first date.
Oct 09
Raleigh escort Natalie's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You may request date now
Oct 09
Raleigh escort Natalie preparing to visit Raleigh on Oct 31 - Nov 01 This journey is waiting for approval, prior to appointment can be scheduled. Check back for upcoming updates, or follow us on twitter.
Oct 06
Raleigh escort Renee will be more likely visiting Raleigh on Oct 20 - Oct 21 This visit is waiting for approval, before appointment can be scheduled. Come back for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.
Oct 06
Raleigh escort Renee's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You can request a session now
Oct 04
Raleigh independent escort Lily just recently arrived to Raleigh. Send your meeting request to be her first visitor.

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We are so happy to see you here in Raleigh, known as “City of Oaks” and capital of North Carolina. As the 42nd largest city in the United States, Raleigh serves as a major crossroads for the active hobbyist. Here at City Girls, we boast the crème de la crème of stunning, independent companions. Couple that with our fabulous customer service and golden standards and you’ve got an enchanting evening just waiting to unfold! Our ladies are constantly touring Raleigh – just have a look at the dates below. Or, visit members’ individual profiles where you will find photos, rates, VIP feedback, coordinates and a few secrets that the girls dare tell! Let your fantasies run amuck and book time with one of City Girls’ sizzling, independent escorts who delight in indulging couples. Wet your whistle reading sexy stories on boards such as TER and Big Doggie. See you in Raleigh!
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Verification is mandatory and accepted from services such as Room Service 2000 (RS2K). RS2K is a screening service that caters to gentlemen who seek safe and discreet high class companionship. Below are some of the benefits for hobbyists:

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The whole point of becoming a VIP member is that you get more privileges! Eligibility to become a VIP Member starts with booking your first date through City Girls followed by positive feedback from one of our Club Members. This ensures that you are a trustworthy person deserving of VIP membership. Please remember that City Girls always reserves the right at our sole discretion to revoke, deny or limit the use of your VIP Membership.


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We are looking for up to five independent Raleigh escorts to join City Girls serving this particular area. However, if you are an attractive lady who loves to travel to other cities and have fun making money, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Because we are not an agency, you get to take full advantage of setting your own schedule with total flexibility! As an independent Raleigh escort, your membership includes free, global marketing services. Highly Security Call Center handles all of your bookings taking safety to a heightened level. Due to our high standards, all clients are fully screened before you meet so that trust and safety are never issues.

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