Minneapolis escort Olivia will be more likely visiting Minneapolis on May 14 - May 16 Tour isn't yet approved. As soon as it will be confirmed, you can proceed and call for a date. Come back for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.
Minneapolis escort Lexy just recently arrived to Minneapolis. Submit your session request to be her first visitor.
Apr 28
Maria's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Apr 28
Helena's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Apr 27
Gianna's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Apr 26
Minneapolis escort Jizel's tour is now approved. You may make a request for date now
Apr 26
Minneapolis escort Jizel is planning to visit Minneapolis on May 18 - May 20 This visit is waiting for approval, prior to appointment can be booked. Check back for future updates, or follow us on twitter.
Apr 26
Minneapolis escort Jacqueline will be more likely visiting Minneapolis on May 23 - May 24 Trip isn't yet approved. As soon as it will be approved, you'll be able to go ahead and call for an appointment. Come back for future updates, or follow us on twitter.
Apr 26
Minneapolis independent escort Samantha recently arrived to Minneapolis. Send your meeting request now to be able to get her first date.
Apr 26
Minneapolis independent escort Meara not too long ago arrived to Minneapolis. Send in your scheduled appointment request to be her first visitor.

Welcome to Minneapolis Escorts Guide by City Girls!

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At you will find a place where high standards meet superb customer service. At least once a week our club members visit Minneapolis . You are able to see their visiting dates below, or by clicking on the member’s profile. In addition you will see recent detailed information on each independent Minneapolis escort such as: photos in gallery, rates, feedback (from our VIP members), age, height, measurements and even hobbies. You can check hourly rates by pressing the button "Rates". That menu also includes rates for multi-hour dates, rates for couples, because we also have independent Minneapolis escorts that would like to spend joyful time with open-minded couples. In reviews on some boards, like TER and BigDoggie , you can read fantasies of clients who date them.


Why to join Minneapolis Escorts Mailing List?

You can only expect high standards when booking appointments with independent Minneapolis escorts via Highly-Secured call center.  We do research on our regular client’s needs to provide best service and a luxury time spending experience. We see each our VIP member as friend so we treat him like one and work hard to provide numbers of useful features. Also you can subscribe to our confidential mailing list of independent Minneapolis escorts updates to receive updates on our tours to Minneapolis . And you will be immediately notified about:
 - Upcoming weeks Schedule (who is coming to your area) 
 - Discounts info
 - Recommendations
 - Visiting independent Minneapolis escorts and club news
 Submit your email address on the “Mailing list” page (, select your city, click the “join” button and you will be added into our mailing list.

Meeting Minneapolis Escorts - Appointment Request

Before meeting our independent Minneapolis escorts from we screen every client. On-line appointment request form on our site is highly secured, we use SSL protocol to encrypt all your personal data. So what is SSL actually? SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol for transmitting private data via the internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system to encrypt data. SSL uses two keys: 1. Public key known to everyone. 2. Secret key known only to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is used by web sites to safely obtain confidential user info, such as credit card numbers. After you will submit yours data with form – our highly secured customer service will get back to you with the confirmation via phone or email (you can those one or the other contact method).

Verification to meet Minneapolis Escorts

We have to verify all new clients to give them access to our services. We accept verification service RS2K:
RS2K  is a screening service for those who seek only the safeties experience of high-class companionship, offering a private network that could be scanned by providers who are concerned about the merit of clients they meet.
 -You have to go through the verification process only once
 -All information provided by you for verification will be deleted
 -To identify yourself to providers you will be assigned a specific way
 -Most providers who use RS2K services offer discounts to all RS2K members
 -Keeping your information correct will help you to go through the verification when contacting a provider

NB: Being verified with screening services will help you in booking appointments with any other escorts in the future.

A few more words about booking: please, mention in the appointment request if you are a member of any discussion board it is also may be useful in the screening process. In addition you can give references from independent escorts , with whom you booked in the past or agencies. And don’t forget to check the availability of your contact person before adding any contact information.

Benefits of being a VIP member

Remember that you will get even more privileges if you become a VIP member. To become one you have to book through us at least once and our Minneapolis escorts should vouch for you, give a nice feedback, that you are a trustworthy gentleman who deserve our VIP membership. And that is all. We reserve the right to revoke, deny, or limit use of VIP membership at our sole discretion.

Minneapolis Escorts are welcome to join City Girls

If you are good looking, self sufficient lady you are welcome to join The Club, because we are looking for new independent Minneapolis escorts . Join us if you want to serve the Minneapolis area. Don’t waste your time and join, because we are looking for not more than 5 independent escorts to be based in Minneapolis . Do you like traveling, having fun and making money? You also can apply to become our club member.


 Benefits of becomeing an independent Minneapolis escort a member City Girls

- Flexible schedule: the club member is the only person who is setting working hours
- Free marketing services: as they become members all Minneapolis escorts will join global marketing system
- High safety level: off-shore call center will handles all bookings to provide high security
- Screened clients: Security is our priority and all clients are screened before club members meet them.

 Join to learn more about the benefits of being a club member.
 The most important thing you have to know about being a club member is that with YOU ARE your own BOSS. You don’t work for us – we work for you!