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Apr 16
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City Girls’ Rocks at the U.S. Capital!

Welcome to City Girls’ virtual corner in D.C., the 25th most populous place in the United States. We are thrilled to oblige our VIP Members in the city that functions as the heartbeat of America. Our independent escorts are glamorous, regal and waiting for your attention. In case you haven’t heard, customer service at City Girls is divine, our ethics unmatched. Your encounter is a riveting experience waiting to shake your universe. If you’d like a flavor of City Girls’ independent escorts, view members’ individual profiles where you will find images, VIP comments, donations and intimate memoirs from our girls. Don’t let your imagination get lost before your date is scheduled! Tease your appetite with an erotic story or two on boards such as TER and Big Doggie. Salute.

Locations near by:
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Verification is Paramount at City Girls
Verification is required. We recommend using Room Service 2000 (RS2K). RS2K is a screening service catering to hobbyists who desire safe and exclusive companionship. Below are some of the benefits when you choose RS2K:

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We are Looking for a Few Good D.C. Escorts

We are looking for a few attractive D.C. escorts to join the Club. If you are a beautiful, independent escort living outside of the D.C. area and love to travel and make good money, call us! We’d love to have you.

You Have Many Choices. Why City Girls?

Joining the family at City Girls is sort of like have a personal assistant – for free! We don’t tell you what to do or when to do it. You really are your own boss. Free marketing comes with your membership as an independent Washington D.C. escort. Highly Security Call Center takes care of all of the details of your dates. And safety doesn’t get any more secure! Because we maintain rigorous standards, every client is pre-screened ensuring trust, safety and a fun time!

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