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We are not an average agency. City Girls is an independent escorts club where high standards meet superb customer service. Minimum twice a month our club members visit Indianapolis . You can check visiting dates below or in the member’s profile just by clicking on it. Also you are able to see recent detailed information on each independent Indianapolis escort such as: photos, rates, feedback (from VIP members), age, height, measurements and even hobbies. You can view hourly rates by pressing the "Rates" button. We have included rates for multi-hour dates and rates for couples, because we also have open-minded independent Indianapolis escorts that would like to spend joyful time with couples. On some boards like TER, BigDoggie, Indys.com, you can read fantasy stories of gentleman who dat independent Indianapolis escorts  .
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Superb Customer Service

Furthermore, you can only expect high standards when booking appointments with independent Indianapolis escorts with the help of Highly Secured call center.  To provide best service and a luxury experience to our clients we do research on their needs. We are happy to provide our VIP members a lot of useful features and we want them to be our friends. Plus you can subscribe to our confidential mailing list of independent Indianapolis escorts updates and receive updates on our tours to Indianapolis . In that case you will be immediately notified on current information:

 - Scheduling for the upcoming weeks (information on who is coming to your area)  
 - Info about discounts
 - Recommendations
 - Club news and visiting independent Milwaukee escorts news
To sign up for the mailing list you have to enter your email address on the “Mailing list” page (http://www.city-girls.com/mailing-list.html), then select your city and click the “join” button.


Request an Appointment

Before meeting our independent Indianapolis escorts from City Girls every new client needs to be screened. On-line appointment request form is completely safe and we use SSL protocol to encrypt clients’ personal data. So what is SSL means? SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encrypting protocol for transmitting private data via the internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system to encrypt private data. SSL uses two keys: a public key - known to everyone and a secret key - known only to the recipient of the message. Websites uses SSL protocol to safely obtain private/confidential user info, such as credit card numbers. After you will submit yours private data with form – Highly Secured call center will get back to you to confirm it via phone or email (it depends on what contact method you have selected as preferred).

New Clients Screening

All new clients have to be verified before they will get access to our services. We also accept such verification services like Room Service 2000:

RS2K has some special features for Hobbyists:
 -You will go through the verification process only once
 - Any information provided by you to complete verification will be deleted
 - You will be assigned a specific way to identify yourself to providers
 - Majority of providers who use RS2K services offer discounts to all RS2K members
 - Keeping your information current and updated will help you to go through the verification when contacting a provider

Note: After being verified with screening services you will be able to book appointments much easier with any other escorts in the future.

And one more thing about booking: being a member of any discussion board is also may be useful in the screening process, so don’t forget to mention it. And, of course, you can also give references from agencies or independent escorts , with whom you booked already. But check the availability of your contact person before adding any contact information.

VIP's have more Fun

If you become a VIP member you will get even more privileges. To become one you have to book through us at least once and our club member should vouch for you that you are a nice gentleman and you deserve VIP membership. That is all. We reserve the right to deny, limit or revoke the VIP membership at our sole discretion.

Join City Girls club and be ahead of everyone!

Also our club is looking for independent Indianapolis escorts to join. Join us if you are willing to serve the Indianapolis area. Be hurry and don’t waste your time, because we are looking for not more than 5 independent Indianapolis escorts to be based in city. You can also apply and become our club member if you are self-sufficient lady who wants to travel and making money while having fun.

Benefits for Indianapolis escorts by being a club member:

Flexible schedule: City-Girls.com is not an agency, so the only person who is setting yours working hours is YOU!
Free marketing services: once they become club members all Indianapolis escorts by City Girls become a part of global marketing system
High safety level: our off-shore call center is ready to handle all your bookings to provide high security
Screened clients: Our main priority is security that is why we screen all our clients before club members meet them.

You will get more info about the benefits of being a club member after you will join City-Girls.com.
The most important thing you have to know about being a club member is that with City-Girls.com YOU ARE your own BOSS. You don’t work for us – we work for you!