Meeting up with Ginger was a definite adventure that I will go on again and again. My only regret was that I did not book more time with her. Next time it's gonna be a few hours or more. She is an amazing woman, who knows how to set the mood and hit just the right spot. Thank you Ginger!

- Posted by MEMBER on Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I had some difficulty getting a appointment for Ginger because there were not many availible time slots and I see why, Ginger is one of the most beautiful women that you will meet. She has a great attitude and aims to please. I shouldn't rate the performance as I am to blame for the poor performance as her beauty went strait to my head. We chatted a bit, drank some champagne and recieved a massage. I will see her again if she comes back to town.

- Posted by MEMBER on Tuesday, July 28, 2015


very nice and sweet. No pressure, and she is very beautiful. Everything was handled well and smooth, and our time went by quickly. She is a former gymnast and really takes care of herself. All natural.

- Posted by MEMBER on Sunday, July 26, 2015


Ginger is a great addition to the the fantastic CG family! She has a great body. Nice proportions with that perfect blend of hardness and roundness. Her long black hair is also an attention getter. She is quite playful and will entertain you with doing variations of the splits opening the way for joyous ectstasy. She is also very sweet and will respond to your gentlemanly requests with motivation.

- Posted by MEMBER on Friday, July 24, 2015


1 hour was not nearly enough, but neither would a lifetime. Alyona is a dream come true...friendly, sweet, passionate, gorgeous. Simply irresistible. Cannot wait until our next encounter. She made me feel comfortable within minutes from meeting.

- Posted by MEMBER on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Escort Reviews

Escort reviews



Searching for escorts with the help of escort reviews


Searching for an escort isn't as easy as you think. It can be both time consuming and stressful. The reason is because you have tons of choices - there are tons of escorts waiting for you to pick them. It's difficult to know what to look for and how to find the red flags. If you are completely new to searching for an escort, then it's even more difficult. This is where escort reviews can help. Escort reviews board members all over the world review the escorts they have spent time with and provide you with the details of the things that they experienced with that escort and how it was for them in general. Many times you will get more details than you even need. You are also able to read about the bad experiences as well as the great ones. From these escort reviews , you can determine if the woman is someone you'd like to meet or if you'd like to continue searching for someone else.

Are all escort reviews real? Or can be also fake ones?


When selecting a lady based on escort review, you should always read all parts of the review to grasp, who the escort is and how other clients have experienced her. You need to ask yourself, does that woman offer the kind of experience I am searching for? You also need to question if the escort review is truthful or just something made up. There are many ways to tell if the escort review is made up. Many times competitors will leave bad and untrue escort reviews for a great escort and also place a low rating. You can tell if escort review can't be trusted, if there are other reviews that are high and between the high rating there are low ones. Most likely the low escort review was left by a competitor. You can double check by seeing if the person who left the low escort review has a history of making reviews or it was his first review a bad one.

See only providers with recent escort reviews


When it comes to reading escort review, you don't always have to worry about a truthful review. You have to also consider her rating and also the date of her last review. Many men recommend going for the woman who has been reviewed recently over the one who hasn't been actively reviewed for a number of month or even years. The reason is, the woman might not be working or might have been so bad that none of her clients wanted to even publicly state it.

Escort review websites

There are a number of websites that allow VIP members to read and post escort reviews . Some of these sites include TER , Bigdoggie and also BestGFE. These three websites are considered the leaders in providing men with the type of escort reviews they want and need in order for them to pick a great escort to spend time with. These sites feature things like detailed profiles for the escorts, pictures and reviews that are long and short. These sites also include ways to chat with other members so you can trade secretes or even advice. This way you can avoid making silly mistakes and also remain safe.

TER site prides itself on being able to find special women for men to spend time with and provide them with something special. Their members don't want to spend money on something that doesn't deliver as promised, and they make sure that you don't have to deal with any of that kind of waste either. They want you to review, and they want you to read the escort reviews of all the providers they have showcased on their website. TER also has a review flagging system that protects providers from posting fake escort reviews. With TER you are able to earn free membership just by reviewing some of the escorts you meet in last 3 month. TER is considered the most popular and trusted escort review system for independent escorts and agency escorts.

Big Doggie is a good source for escort reviews but it is also an older resource. Big Doggie was more popular before TER had come out. The main difference is that Big Doggie isn't free and that you are required to pay a monthly fee.

Best GFE is a forum type setting that has a big audience. Once you join, you are able to view tons of escort reviews of the women who offer the best girlfriend experience in your area. They provide you with a user friendly system that allows you to view things and comment and also share your own experiences. It's a great web site that offers a ton of great resources and advice.

These three websites provide you with the escort reviews you have been looking for. All three websites are user friendly and have low to free prices that make it even easier for you to find an incredible escort to grant you every need and, maybe, even some fantasies. Start reading escort reviews now, and you could have a well-qualified escort waiting to meet you within the hour. It's really that simple.