- 34B-24-34 -

  • Stats

    • Age:
    • Height: 5'2
    • Weight: 119lbs
    • Measurements: 34B-24-34
    • Breast:
    • Eyes:
    • Hair:
    • Languages: Vietnamese(Good)
    • Foods:
    • Drinks: Champagne(french), Mojito, Mai thai
    • Wardrobe: Elegant, sexy, descreet
    • Lingerie: VS, Adult Costumes, leather cloth
    • Perfumes: DG light blue
    • Flowers: White Roses, and Orchids
    • Hobbies: Indoor and outdoor sports, water and extreme sport, piano
    • Occupation: Translator
    • Bags: Anything that matches my style(not a brand person)
    • Shoes: Anything that matches my style(not a brand person)
    • Character: Positive, try not to thing about negative, easy going, friendly, healthful
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    on vacation
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My name is Aika.

I crave chemistry with a suitor with whom I can rage with thirstful episodes of passion! Delicate gracefulness accents my character complimented by an unwavering sensuality that extends far beneath the surface of my satin skin. My body, with its taut yet gentle curves is feminine poetry in motion that promises incomprehensible pleasure. I know that I will transgress all of your expectations as mistress, girl friend and confidante. I was born for the gentleman who must indulge in all things erotic. Will you find me deliciously irresistible? I think so.

20 January 2014

Met Aika at the door and she looks just like her pics. Was offered a shower but had just left the gym an hour earlier and there was no need. Aika was very friendly and bubbly and didn’t hesitate to get the ball rolling with a long DFK. Soon clothes were everywhere. Aika’s figure is flawless and I couldn’t wait to lick every inch of her. Despite her instinct to work me over, she was more than happy to let me take control. Her previous reviews indicated that she was capable of [CENSORED] and I set out to prove it for myself. Well, after 30 minutes of [CENSORED] she must have [CENSORED] no less than a half a dozen times. Not sure where all [CENSORED] comes from but the towel on the bed was soaked. Mission accomplished. She finally convinced me it was my turn and proceeded to take me from [CENSORED] Didn’t take much for me to [CENSORED] A very nice massage and shower and I was off with a smile. Aika’s a winner.

17 December 2013

Seriously? Sometimes there`s chemistry with a person right away, sometimes there`s not. It was an instant chemical reaction with Aika, the second the door opened. I have never experienced what Aika and I experienced tonight. Hard to believe that just happened...the greatest experience I have ever had. Not even a question. Hopefully she comes back soon...I sense a habit!

7 December 2013

Awesome experience with aika, I had the best 1 full hr in my entire life. Would definetely repeat.

8 November 2013

Aika is a dream. She is a beautiful, young, energetic and seductive Asian women with perfect skin and a gorgeous body. Aika is an outstanding host. She pays attention to every detail (for example she started and tested the water for my shower to make sure the temperature was perfect) and really focuses her attention on your every pleasure. Aika is highly recommended. She wants you to have the most enjoyable time ever when you meet her.

7 November 2013

Great experience with Aika. She has her `routine`, but she delivers a great experience. I highly recommmend

6 November 2013

Aika’s new to City Girls. Once I saw her photos, I knew I had to see her. City Girls’ simple call system led me up to her Center City hotel, where she greeted me with a smile, heels (could be black, as it’s all a whirlwind from here), and black lingerie. She checks my ID, smiles, and then goes right into passionately frenching me like it’s her last day on planet Earth. She reaches [CENSORED], grabs [CENSORED] and pulls back smiling. Seeing that I had just come from work, I take her up on an offer to “refresh.” A quick shower and as I exit the bathroom, there’s Aika. Grinning naughtily. Like she’s waiting for her prey to make one false move. Again, face to face in milliseconds and then we find our way to the edge of the [CENSORED]. Aika’s Vietnamese living in [CENSORED]. She has a Japanese name. Lots of geo-confusion, really, but who cares when you have a passionate Asian woman [CENSORED], tickling [CENSORED], and playing `teasy girl` with the [CENSORED]. She takes off her bra to reveal a nice pair of augmented breasts. Hats off to her surgeon. They’re round and very soft to the touch. But let’s not get too far here. She really wants [CENSORED]. She’s [CENSORED]. Aika doesn’t make a ton of eye contact, but she definitely responds to a [CENSORED]. I had a long day, and really I just wanted to [CENSORED]. She says, “You are really [CENSORED], aren’t you?” Her accent is cute as hell. A mix of Vietnamese and Euro “something.” Aika points to the [CENSORED] the table and I quickly put [CENSORED]. I’m unsure if I want to [CENSORED]. She [CENSORED] me up and we talk about this and that. She’s got a bubbly personality. Very approachable for a provider. It’s evident she’s in to [CENSORED]. She tells me how it’s a bummer (not that word, but similar) she hasn’t [CENSORED] yet. I ask her what’s the quickest way to get her lady [CENSORED]. She loves to [CENSORED]. Square. [CENSORED] and off I go. Aika’s an awesome [CENSORED]. Great attitude, a little devlish, and [CENSORED] as a firecracker in July. Will repeat.