early 20`s - 34B-23-34 - Black

  • Stats

    • Age: early 20`s
    • Height: 5'4
    • Weight: 115lbs
    • Measurements: 34B-23-34
    • Breast:
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black
    • Languages: German(Good)
    • Foods:
    • Drinks: Orange Fresh Juice
    • Wardrobe: Guess, D&G, Roberto Cavalli
    • Lingerie: VS, Agent Provocateur
    • Perfumes: Givenchy
    • Flowers: Red Roses
    • Hobbies: Shopping, Beach, Watersports
    • Occupation: Student
    • Bags: Guess
    • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
    • Character: Sweet, Playful, Naughty
  • Availability

    on vacation
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    • Couples
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My name is Alexa.

I am a ravishing rarity of a woman who longs to explore secret urges with a gentleman who will devour my body, mind and soul. Let us allow ourselves to invent a riveting story together whose characters exist only in our space within the fringes of our fantasies. I am a long, lost lover waiting to be found by a man who has known me forever. The passion, the lust, the hunger…are you with me?

27 May 2013

Alexa is beautiful brunette with an amazing all-natural body and the experience was excellent! I highly recommend particular if you like it real!

19 May 2013

The setup with City-Girls was quick and easy. I set the date to meet with Alexa, who was the only City-Girl visiting Philly. Arrive at hotel, call City-Girls, and wait for room number a bit in the lobby. Not sure how others feel, but this wait period—5-10 minutes—is always a bit torturous. Room number communicated and up I go. Was greeted at the door by Alexa. She’s dressed in white hot pants, a white top, and black stilettos. Her black hair was a great contrast the white outfit. She asks for ID, scans it for longer than usual, I think, and then smiles. I had forgotten my envelope, so I improvised with a brochure. Didn’t want to ask the concierge for an empty envelope. That worked. She immediately pulls me close and kisses me. We "talk" for a bit and Alexa discloses she’s Hungarian. Ah-ha! Offers for me to shower, but already taken care of prior to arrival. Alexa’s all smiles. But tells me to please wash my hands. No problem. Done. I come out of the bathroom and she’s on me super quick. [CENSORED] from the off. Reaches down and grabs [CENSORED]. Smiles abound. We fondle each other, kissing madly. [....CENSORED....] She looks down and says, “I really liked that.” I get the hardest and longest kiss I’ve ever gotten from a provider. Excellent. Her hesitancy is now gone, I think. So, Alexa’s eager to return the favor. I’m now on the edge of the bed, [CENSORED]. She’s standing between them, and it’s then I realize she’s a true beauty. [CENSORED] She’s in the US for two months, living in Florida. That's hard to miss, actually. She’s got bottom tan lines, which I find super-sexy. Now, here’s where things almost got weird. Her English is rudimentary. Of course, my Hungarian is nonexistent. Alexa’s profile on City-Girls says she speaks German. OK, nothing like a secondary language to bridge the gap. Well, she hates speaking German. Her words. I quickly figure out our little love session might go south if I don’t react quickly. I grab my phone and pull up Google Translate. Yeah, it’s not like we’re in the middle of [CENSORED], so the impromptu English to Hungarian idea works. I ask her if she’s had fun (I'm sure she understands but whatever), translate it, and she reads the translation, laughing like a girl who’s just realized she likes boys. Lots of back and forth on the translator, more giggles, pillows over the face, blushing. She asks me about food, so I say, “Anything with paprika!” Deal sealer! Alexa erupts in laughter, hugging and kissing me. We’re facing each other on our sides. She [CENSORED] leg open and grabs my hand. [CENSORED] Time is almost up, but she wants to cuddle some more. So, I say “No,” half-jokingly. Alexa likes to giggle. But she’s laughing hard now. Apparently, she sensed my reaction to her [CENSORED] and says, “Next time for sure.” Why not? We cuddle, she’s going on about “next time, next time, next time.” I agree. With a few strange moments, she’s incredibly likeable. I put on my clothes, maintaining eye contact the entire time. She’s naked on the bed, pillow covering part of her face, little giggles muffled. I’m fully dressed and she sees me out. I fake a few “camera” shots with my hands and she laughs, rushing up to kiss me farewell.Fun session no doubt. Would I repeat? Yes. And not just to see if I can have my way with her in [CENSORED]. Caveat: [CENSORED]. This time. Also, language and cultural barriers may prevent some from enjoying her fully. She’s Hungarian. Hungarian women can be either super-bubbly or seriously steely. Alexa’s in the middle, really. I've dated Romanian and Russian women, so I know there's a "man's man/gentleman" mentality afoot. Had I not shown initiative, charm, and a quick wit, the session could’ve been lost.

16 May 2013

OMG, Alexa is a small package of amazing beauty with atheletic figure. Her deep dark eyes pulled me in. Her sercive will not leave you dissappointed. I would repeat