June, 2019 SPECIALS


You’ve been eyeing that curvaceous muse with majestic curves for a while. No doubt, she makes you drool. Now, she’s available to see you for a CG Last Minute Deal ($250 for 1 hour) of a lifetime. Are you poised to take advantage before someone else does?

How to sign up for Last Minute Deals

First, you must be a VIP member. Oh, you’re not? Why, go to the VIP page, my friend and read about How to Become a VIP. Once you have met the VIP requirements, time to sign up for LMD. Login to VIP site and go to page Settings. Be sure to select preferred method of alert. When LMD’s come available in your based city, you will receive either an email, sms or email and sms alerts.

Jump on that last minute deal!

As soon as your phone buzzes with a juicy announcement that your dream girl is available for LMD, drop what you’re doing and hit ‘Confirm’. Be prepared to meet her at the time and place specified and you’re in!

Independence Day - Holiday Special

Independence Day - Holiday Special 2019-07-04

On this Fourth of July, celebrate the red, white and blue with a gorgeous hottie wrapped in your arms for only $250 per hour. Get your groove on with some brisk affection from any of our participating escorts for as long as you like with this special offer. Fireworks are sure to explode as you celebrate your manhood and our Nation’s birthday with this awesome Independence Day special!

Who participates?